Solving iGaming design challenges

Started March 2023
A very long and challenging in-house design process.
Inconsistent design and frontend development
High hiring cost for product designers & frontend devs
A lack of industry-wide design innovation offers a collection of superior level digital products, ready designed and pixel perfect developed in HTML and CSS, that allow casino operators to instantly download a uniquely, fully branded online casino.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of

Saves time and effort in the design and development process.
Ensuring a high-quality and visually appealing product.
Reduces the time to market.

Are there any ongoing costs or licensing fees?

No. Once the contract is signed and the payment has been received, there are no ongoing costs or licensing fees associated with its use. It becomes your fully owned and branded online casino product.

Can I integrate additional features and functionalities?

Yes, you can easily integrate additional features and functionalities. The codebase is open and flexible, allowing for the integration of custom modules, payment gateways, game providers, and other extensions to enhance the functionality of your online casino.

Do you offer design services for the ongoing updates of the product?

Currently No. Starting from H2 2024, we will be introducing a design service subscription. This subscription will provide you with access to our design team on an ongoing basis, allowing you to request design updates, customisations, and branding enhancements as required.

Can I request support during the setup process?

Yes, we offer support and assistance during the setup and customisation process. Additionally, we offer up to 8 hrs or 20 hrs design service to cater to your requests, depends on which package you purchase, for free.