We've reimagined the gaming experience to bring players something truly unique and exciting. A world of vibrancy and clean design with our captivating colour scheme. The vibrant purple exudes a sense of flair and style, while the energetic green signifies luck and prosperity – the perfect blend for a memorable gaming adventure.
Players instantly feel at home with Luckyreelz design as we've incorporated imagery based on popular game assets to be part of the brand. The familiar visuals invite players to embark on an unforgettable journey, and our optimised UX ensures players can navigate effortlessly through the site.
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Exclusive & Unique Product Design & Branding
What's included:
Premium UI/UX Layout
Design Files
HTML & CSS Package
Documentation & Specs
Custom Logo Design
Premium Branded Domain Luckyreelz.com
Exclusive Branding Visuals
Marketing Assets Start Pack
Marketing Email Template Design
Brand Guidelines
Interaction Design
Gamification Features ( Progress Bar, Rewards Cards,Rewards Page and more)
20hrs Dedicated Design Changes To Cater To Your Customization Needs
Price: €60,000 (Excl VAT)